On the Couch

She didn’t want to scare me
 so she said, “Some people…”
But I was the only one on the couch.

She mentioned the “deep dark place”
in which those people find themselves.
 And I fought the urge to look around the room for them.

She explained that often medication can help.
 And I nodded pastorally,
 empathizing with those in despair.

She left it there.
 So I left the office,
 to call a friend and ask her about these
 disconnected souls.

She listened knowingly across the distance
 and she simply nodded through the phone.
 But I began to wonder.

I went to my husband
 asking for assessment of this particular lost soul.
 And we sat together in the intimacy of the deep dark place.
Only then could She come,
 as the door opened ever so slightly.
 And the smallest sliver of light began to cast out fear.