Kara and Jeff

My Husband

He stands 6’ 3” to my 5’ 2”.
I have always looked up to him,
but he has never looked down on me.

He outweighs me on the scale.
although I have always felt heavier,
but he believes I’m light enough to soar.

He tastes the blackberry at the bottom of a cabernet,
while I simply savor the last sip.
We appreciate all life’s subtleties.

His frame is long and strong.
Mine more petite and compact,
yet he trusts my shoulders are strong enough to carry him.

He towers above the crowd,
while I get lost in it.
But anywhere we stand we are shoulder to shoulder.

His laughter dances in his eyes.
Mine erupts as a cackle,
yet we share a joke across the room without a word.

His eye sees images perfectly framed.
My hand paints pictures with words
and together our vision becomes reality.

He sorts and organizes and cleans
while I pile and buy and display.
And together we make a home.

He runs and runs at an ever-consistent pace.
I tend to nap between quick sprints.
We will always celebrate the finish together.