Hold Me Accountable

how do you hold a writer accountable?


it feels like asking water not to run to the lowest place

to demand water not condense on the grass

warm air not to rise


as fluid as flowing water

imagine their gift as temporal as the dew that evaporates each morning

or light and beautiful leaves tossed by the fickle wind

how do you hold a writer accountable


when they say the words aren’t flowing

when they point to blank pages and full calendars

when the muse has blown away


excuses are fluent and crystal clear

who can argue that their moods dampen the paper

   and blur the ink

or debate the wisdom of taking time to fill

   the deep spiritual well of their creativity


how do you hold a writer accountable?


learn from engineers who build dams and reservoirs

   for times of drought

acknowledge and plan for the dew that comes in the morning

   and the soft warm grass of the afternoon

plant a flag that shows the wind never really stops blowing

   but demands we shift our sails


I must


create channels for my words to flow and pool

daily rise to observe the dew and record its beauty in ink

put down roots and let the wind whistle through my fingers