white wicker
wide enough for three small bums
hanging from a beautiful bough
still in the yard

two curved wood chairs
angled so that knees might kiss
red geranium growing between
no words to overhear

wrought iron settee
perfect for the space
chimes tinkle overhead
smell of coffee never makes it to the porch

back deck with bright cushions
owners intentional and kind
lemon grass and citronella planted
no one to appreciate lack of mosquitoes

space and place
created and honored
such thought and expense
a conversation that never begins

stretch from your computer posture
to pump your legs on the swing
reach for the hand of your love
sit in the moonlight

rise early enough
to meet God in the morning breeze
call friends, young and old
let laughter fill the yard

our deepest longing
is met here
our greatest fear
 whispered here

our hopes and dreams
uttered aloud, no roof to contain them
loneliness cast out
risk vulnerability and intimacy

all these seats
can be filled
conversations need not wait
come, sit, be known